Dear Shannon,

Thanks for all your hard work. We are so pleased with how everything turned out. It looks great.


Dear Shannon,

We are beyond happy with your excellent taste and services. We will continue to sing your praises to all our family and friends. Have a great day!


Karen and Shanny,

Thank you both so much for coming today! It was great meeting you, and I truly appreciate your feedback about our color selections. I'm glad to hear we were on the right track.

Thank you also for the links for the lightbulbs. I just ordered all new lightbulbs for the entire house, so I'm sure it will make a huge difference. My husband is very happy to switch the recessed lights out to LED bulbs so he never has to do it again. ?

I will be sure to send y'all photos once we have everything back in place.

I will save your cabinet painter's contact information and keep him in mind if/when we decide to move forward with that.

I hope y'all have a great evening, and I look forward to circling back with you with photos in a few weeks.

Lindsay Findley



Good Morning Shannon,

Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided. I sent in feedback and I will definitely use you again in the future. Have a wonderful day!


Shannon -

Not sure if you know this but because of your work, we were able to get an offer on our house in 2 days...and the offer was ABOVE our asking price.

God is so amazing. I thank Him everyday for sending me you.

Kirk and I are building a 3/2.5 house in Round Top. If you know of anyone who has floor plans or expertise, let me know. Once we have a floor plan, I will involve you for specifics. We would be so blessed to continue working with you!

We close on the Woodlands house on Thursday and plan to start building the second house in Round Top soon thereafter. Until then, stay safe and know you are ADORED.



Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job!! I am sure to contact you again for services.


Thank you for all your help! Your staging made such a significant difference. We are extremely happy to have been able to sell the house before the three month contract was up. We will be recommending you to family and friends.

Take care,



Shannon - you guys were fabulous in your direction and staging with this home and we really couldn't have done it all without Heidi!!!

Great team work!!!


Thank you so much for the fabulous staging and transformation of our property. It's stunning and indeed simply elegant! I am extremely satisfied with your work and I will definitely recommend Simple Elegance to friends.

We just listed the property today (I am still indulging myself by going through the pretty pictures of each staged room :)



The home at 17 Kings Lake Estates Blvd. turned out fabulously from what I got to see! My assistant was there this morning at 6:30 to meet the photographer and do daylight shots, and she was thrilled with it! I can't wait to see the photos. If you have any issues getting in on Wednesday, please give me a call on my cell at 713-203-3209.


Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job on the staging.


It's been a pleasure. Thanks for the insights and decorum that got it SOLD!!!


Mary and her team are absolutely amazing! They take the pain out of staging and do amazing work!



Good morning Shannon. The house looks very nice and spacious. I love the blue tones that give a 'relaxing look'. I am waiting for the pictures and will upload them as soon as possible. There's a showing this afternoon so let's see what the feedback says. Please extend my gratitude to Hala, who was very sweet and nice to me. Thank you!



The Simple Elegance team did a class at Old Republic Title on Who is Buying What, Current Design Trends and How do they reflect into the current real estate market...
Best class ever! I learned so much and I appreciate the details of the class. Thank you so much.



Thank you so much! Y'all did a fabulous job staging for my client!



It was an awesome first staging experience working with Karen. I'll definitely be sending an e-mail to my 120 associates to let them know of Simple Elegance's services.



I have used Simple Elegance before from a referral. The property they recently staged for me was 2729 square feet and listed for $939,000. It was under contract in 2 days. From point of contact to completed stage was 4 days. Simple Elegance is always timely, professional and always willing to work with me and my clients. Thank you! We will definitely be using you again!



Staged 3147 sq. foot property, Listed at $465,00 - Under Contract in 6 days. " Excellent as always!



Staged 5155 sq ft. property, Listed at 1.1 million - Family of 9 - " Awesome experience. The home showed beautifully. I love how the Simple Elegance team coached the 6 children to prepare the home for each scheduled showing!



Staged 4497 sq. ft. property., Listed at $494,670 - "This listing had been marketed by another agent & brokerage for a number of months. It had not only been severely overpriced but was presented in a very unwelcoming and unengaging way to the public. When I took the listing, I immediately saw the "bones" of the house were beautiful, but there was no way to tell the story by shooting vacant rooms and relisting. I encouraged the sellers to consider investing in staging. The house was staged on Friday. We had an open house on Sunday and immediately there were multiple offers on the house. The house was under contract in 7 days. Simply amazing! These folks are total professionals, and a true delight to work with on every level - whether it is a simple staging consultation or a full blown house staging. When a house is priced right and staged well, it will sell!



Staged 5,910 Sq. Ft. Property, Listed at 1.8 Million / "Simple Elegance was highly recommended to me by another agent in my office. This property has been listed for 15 months before staging. It was under contract in 3 weeks after staging. I cannot say enough for Simple Elegance... Great customer service & great experience!"


I messaged Mary in desperate need of a stager late on a Monday night and she not only responded but sent a stager out the next morning to my clients home. Karen Budde came out and did a fabulous job. I received 7 offers within 48 hours. Unfortunately that offer fell through and we went back on the market and received 13 more offers in 24 hours. I credit that to my clients hard work and the fabulous staging advice we got from Karen!!! Thank you so much for going above and beyond!


Karen and her team at Simple Elegance are simply AMAZING! They can take an empty or poorly staged house and make the space into a beautiful masterpiece! If you need help staging your house to be sold; go with them. You wont regret it!


This company is absolutely wonderful. They have creative ideas for all different type homes. They have staged several of my listings which helped sell them all in less than 3 weeks. I will continue to use their services. They are Fantastic!


Simple Elegance always does an incredible job staging my listings to assist with selling them much faster than properties not staged!



This weekend I had the privilege of working with Mary Scalli and her team on this luxury home staging. What a great experience! Mary is "hands on" and spares no detail to have the perfect touch of luxury, elegance, style, warmth, and even a little whimsy in the right places. Potential buyers will see a place that they want to call home when this team is finished. Oftentimes because luxury homes are so large, the staging looks skimpy because two few rooms are staged or there are too few furnishings and accessories in the rooms that are staged. Mary's staging exceeds expectations! I highly recommend Mary Scalli and her Simple Elegance team for luxury home staging.



The Simple Elegance team, specifically Karen and Shannon, are vivid reminders that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. They are professional, polished, and polite from start to finish. I look forward to more events, Staging Partnerships and SOLD homes with the Simple Elegance Team.


Thank you Shannon and Karen! It was good to meet you too. Appreciate all of your suggestions and guidance. We'll start working through things ASAP to get everything ready for pics and showings.


Karen brought a level of excitement and energy to everyone; even the builder... It is a pleasure working with her.