How Do You Decide on a Home Staging Company?


How Do You Decide on a Home Staging Company?


The Home Staging Industry is currently an unlicensed industry, unlike the Real Estate Business.  Consequently, it is so important that you interview different companies to find the company that is best to partner with you.  We recommend the following interview questions:


Where & When did your get your staging education?

  • Mary Scalli, Simple Elegance's CEO & President became an Accredited Staging Professional from in 2011.  She began building relationships with realtors and added Home Staging services to the business.  In 2014, Mary invested in her education to obtain her Accredited Staging Professional Master from and Barb Schwarz, the Creator of the Home Staging Industry.  Since that time, Mary requires all her team members to be Accredited Staging Professional from  She is also a Certified Accredited Staging Professional Instructor with  The Simple Elegance Team invests time every year to attend  the 2 major home staging industry conferences, the International Builders Conference as well as the major Furniture Markets to insure the team is up to date on current staging techniques and trends.  Mary has been a speaker at these conferences as well as at the Greater Houston Builders Association.  They also invest time educating Realtors weekly on the importance of Home Staging and are willing to speak in your real estate, title, mortgage office or at your open houses.
  • The Simple Elegance Team has won many national awards over the years including some of the following: 

How many houses do you have staged?


  • We generally have between 20 and 50 houses staged at any given time.  Our team has staged over 1,000 homes in the last 5 years.  95% of our staged houses sell within 11 to 21 days, with many being under contract in less time.  The majority of our agreements are written for 60 days.  This is like staging insurance!  While our houses are under contract very quickly, we recommend keeping the house staged until 5-10 days before closing.  Everyone knows lots can happen between going under contract and closing.  We want to make sure that the house is going to close before we de-stage the house.  Communication is key during this time between the seller, realtor and staging company.

Do you own or rent your furniture?


  • We own our furniture and accessories.  However, when we first started home staging we rented our furniture.  We quickly realized that rental companies didn't have the different styles of furniture and accessories we needed to serve the Houston diverse housing industry.  Consequently, we have invested time in shopping the major Furniture Markets to build relationships with companies that serve our needs for furniture, accessories, art and rugs.  If we do not have exactly what we need for your project, we will purchase the appropriate items for your project.   You will never hear that we do not have the inventory for your project.  We stage multiple houses every week and are ready for your project.  Today, after building an extensive home staging inventory we also rent our inventory to other staging companies that are just getting started in the business.

Do you have a team or are you a single stager?


  • We do have an extremely talented team to service your needs and can handle multiple projects every week.  Our team is very much like a family and works to ensure your property shines above it's competition. 

Do you provide One-Stop Shop Services?

  • Selling a house is a lot more involved than just sticking a “For Sale” sign in the yard.  See if your Staging Company provides any additional services or resources to help you during the sales process.
  • Not only does Simple Elegance provide the best Staging® services for vacant and occupied houses,  they also offer Resources for approved Vendors, Top Real Estate Agents, and Investors that they have worked with to help you with EVERY step of the Home Selling Process.
  • Need the home cleaned? Yard landscaped? A room painted? A Top Agent?  We are here to assist you with building the best team to get your house sold quickly and for top dollar.  Let us know your questions or needs, and we will introduce you to some partners to get the projects on your to-do list done.

What does it cost to stage a property?

  • We can do as little or as much as needed.  Let me tell you how we work!  On Occupied house we always begin with a consultation.  This consultation will let you know exactly what you need to do to prepare your house for the sales market.   Most consultations are up to 1 hour walk and talk for $250.  This means that you will present your house to our team while writing down our suggestions.  Then you complete the suggestions and make the house ready for the market.  If you would like us to write everything done for you, we can and this service is based on the square footage of the house.  The time of this consultation is up to 2 hours.  We can always come back and do some additional staging for you and of course can provide current accessories and art for a minimal price to make your house more presentable to our current buyers.


  • If your house is vacant, our team will ask several questions to provide you with a staging proposal.  We will include options for you to choose from and that work with your budget in mind.  In addition, we do offer a few programs that you can use to pay at close if you need this assistance.   As Barb Schwarz says, “Vacant just doesn’t make it.” Visit our website, for a quick quote. 


Do you have any before and after pictures?


  • Of course!  I thought you'd never ask.
  • ​​​​​​​Before Staging 
  • After Staging 
  • ​​​​​​​Before Staging 
  • After Staging 
  • Before Staging 
  • After Staging