Organization Tips for The Busy Family

Organization Tips for The Busy Family, by Angela Kratt


Who does not want to be organized? It’s most people dream to be organized but life gets in the way.  In case you hadn’t noticed, many people like to collect things. We can quickly be overrun with stuff.  We want to go through how to organize some of the main areas of the home.

Purge – Yes you will have to throw or donate a few things, but I know you can do it. You need to have a clear idea of how you want the space to function before you even get started.  Once you do this, next discard any items that may be broken or no longer used in the space, like scratched DVDs, board games that are missing pieces, and old magazines. Then sort the remaining items by use. You may find some items can be housed in another room. Bins and baskets offer the perfect place to put items out of sight, like items should go in one bin or basket.

Create zones – rooms like the family room that is used by multiple family members and for various activities is a great place to start. One zone could be for toy storage or a small workspace. Place these areas in a corner if possible, so it’s not the focus of the room. Some of the items you may need to store are games, books, and toys. As you can see the furniture piece pictured below has lots of options to do just that.

Another area where you may need to create zones for each person is the home office. The home office has become the most used room in 2020. It is not only a place to pay our bills.  It has become a hot commodity with the many people telecommuting, and a place for your kids to use the computer for school.


The efficient office should be zoned into three activity areas:

  • The Work Center, which includes a clear workspace, the computer and frequently used office products. Cable management is a must in this area.
  • The Reference Center, which includes binders, manuals, dictionary and professional books and materials.
  • The Supply Center, which contains office and paper supplies.



  • I know what’s inside. Instead of having to open the box or try to peer through the sides, I can just read the label and know what’s in there.
  • I put things back where they should go. Labeling keeps me from walking into the closet and just dumping something in the first bin I can reach. {It also helps if I keep the floor clean.}
  • Communication. I’m not the only person who lives here and labeling lets others know where things go. I can see myself labeling everything in my house at some point just so I don’t have to remember to tell my husband where certain things go.



Once you have your items in your bins, you can start accessorizing the shelves. Look for items that enhance the color scheme of your room. Some of the popular color trends this year are navy and blush. Remember the law of threes – grouping items in threes and different textures add interest to your shelves. Get out there and start organizing...